Employment Law

Employment Law

We advise and assist on matters including employment contracts, workplace policies and procedures, employee codes of conduct, recruitment and termination, employee disputes and industrial relations. We work directly with the business to ensure that relevant personnel have an adequate foundation knowledge of employment law and understand their obligations to their staff and contractors.

We design tailored documentation to protect businesses from potential issues arising and then provide negotiation and mediation services if a dispute does arise. We are experienced at handing publicly sensitive matters and have worked across numerous industry groups including IT, financial services, retailers, hospitality, medical and allied health and the construction sector.

How We Differentiate Ourselves

Fee Structure

Providing flat fee structures rather than traditional hourly billing that include more services to provide the best value.


Building enduring relationships with our clients through quality service and accessibility


Giving you access to our network when it is needed. Adelaide is a small city where personal relationships are very important.

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